so it’s 11:50pm. I went to the store with my mama earlier looking grungy. sweats, striped shirt, old sweater, hair semi up messily. and it was so WEIRD! idk what was up with the guys at that damn store but I can’t even count how many guys checked me out! I was like wtff. two of the guys worked there and kept following my mom and I asking my mom repeatedly if she needed help with anything. I literally felt as if I was naked or something because I’m not used to getting such blunt attention. I don’t know how or didn’t know how to take it so I clammed up and just texted my boyfriend but of course, no response … idk if he fell asleep early or what but yeah … since I couldn’t get ahold if him I just got really shy and tried to hide behind my mom. one of the guys just kept starring at my rack so I was also trying to hide my boobies heh. meh!!! such an awkward freakishly weird visit to the store!!!